School of Management & Leadership

The Mission

The Centre of Management Leadership  and Centre for International Hospitality Tourism commits itself to the development of professionals in the area of business with a strong basic foundation in scientific and practical knowledge, professional and correct attitude and value.

The Programs

 The School of Management and Leadership offers three degree programs:

  1. Pre-Bachelor in Business Administration (Pre-BBA)
  2. Bachelor program in Business Administration (BBA) 
  3. Master program in Business Administration (MBA)
  4. Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA)

Our Partners

Through the years the School of Management & Leadership has developed partnerships with a wide range of organizations, amongst others:


  • University Groningen: The University of Groningen is one of the oldest Dutch universities, as it was founded about 400 years ago! At this very respectable age the university is still in continuous change. RuG is now still a modern, international university where work is being carried out at the frontiers of knowledge. It also has some characteristics that set it apart. Like the RuG itself puts it: sober, but inventive; reliable, but surprising; solid, but prepared to accept challenges. The RuG admitted the first-ever female student in the country but also produced the first Dutch space traveler. The RuG likes the pioneering role! Staff and students are engaged in educational renewal; the university and the commercial sector are in close contact.




For more information about ICUC's BBA, MBA, DBA programs
Please contact our Administrative Staff at +5999-724-2600 or e-mails us.

Administrative Staff

Reicheline Veerkamp

Reicheline is responsible for the communication with the students of Pre Bachelor and Bachelor. Most of the time she is the first contact with our office. ext.221.

Angeline Schenker

Angeline is responsible for the contacts with the DBA/PhD candidates. She is also assist the scheduling of classrooms, and the digital environment of ICUC. ext.224      

Annelies Anthonij

Annelies is in charge of the contacts with the MBA students. She is also appointed by the board to prepare and discuss financial issues with our students. ext 222    

Academic Staff

Gilbert Cijntje 

Gilbert Cijntje is the Centre Director of Management and Leadership. He is one of the founders of ICUC.       

Rayla Pikeri 

Is the Academic Director of the BBA Program.  She is also responsible for the research area in the Centre of Management and Leadership.       

Philip Wagner 

Is a part time lecturer and professor at ICUC. Philip is Director of Wagner Group in Europe and is a well known consultant in the Netherlands.      

Sousan Korori 

Is a lecturer at the University of Colorado in Boulder. She helped design the MBA program at the ICUC. She is a very commited teacher in the area of corporate finance.      

Jan de Vries 

Is a professor at the State University of Groningen, the Netherlands. As a professor at ICUC he is responsible for the area of Operation Management.      

Paul Jansen 

Is professor at the Free University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He is responsible for the area of Performance Management and Methodology. He is the cordinator of the DBA/PhD program of ICUC.    

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