Thursday, October 8th from 18:30 till 20:00 Information Session at ICUC!

Prof. dr. Valdemar Marcha is inviting everyone interested in our new program "Master in Public Governance" to the information session to tell you all about this new program and have all your questions answered. Come on October 8th at 18:30 to ICUC and feel also free to read all about this new program underneath..

Prospective Students

This Master in Public Governance program prepares students to effectively tackle challenges in the public sector by developing critical conceptual, analytical and research skills. By studying theories in Public Governance, their application, and methods to the analysis of issues of public importance, students develop a critical mind to create and assess alternative policy responses to public issues.

Students with a degree in PG have acquired the necessary skills during this program to deal with and manage public challenges. After completing this program, they will be able to perceive issues from different angles using theoretical insights. They will also be able to engage in discussions in a meaningful and constructive way. Their rich resource of knowledge and knowhow on a wide range of subjects will make them an addition to the organizations they work for. The graduates will benefit from their acquirements in their day-to-day work by perceiving patterns, thinking creatively and coming up with innovative solutions for public challenges.

ICUC's program in PG will 1) challenge students with different ideas and theoretical concepts in the field of PG; 2) provide the tools that students need to adequately tackle the public challenges of our time; 3) stimulate creative and structured thinking and discussion.

For who?
This programs is aimed at prospective students who already work within the public sphere. This can be Government itself, but also everyone that works for organizations that have a strong relationship with Government like Publicly Owned Companies, NGO’s, Non-Profit Foundations and Foundations that rely on Government subsidies. Relevant work experience is therefore a valuable asset and serves as input in intellectual discussions.

All courses will be taught in English or Dutch and assignments (papers, presentations) and exams are in English or Dutch as well.


The Public Governance Program is split in 5 phases. It starts with a preparation phase for which  candidates enroll separately. In this prep-phase students can determine if they meet the standards of the program. Next is a foundation phase, creating one common ground. The third phase is major specific. Students have to choose between:

1. A major in Policy & Planning;
2. A major in Controlling. 

The program concludes with a Study Abroad program to Washington DC and a thesis phase where students are guided to prepare and defend their professional thesis which is related to the major of choice and the work environment.

The Learning Philosophy: “Studia....Traha!”
At ICUC we believe in a strong interaction between working and learning. Our programs are geared towards fulltime employed students and make it possible for them to combine both. During the program we make much use of the opportunity that theoretical concepts can be directly related to work situation.

To this extend a Portfolio is the constant part of the program where a student reflects on the program, lessons learned and changes made in his or her work environment by completing concrete tasks. 

Courses will be taught by our local professional staff for the first 5 to 6 weeks through weekly evening classes, in which appropriate guest lecturers will be invited. Concluding the course, a local professor or a professor from a collaborating university will be invited for an interactive intensive week with the students to test their understanding and skills in applying their acquired knowledge and sharing up-to-date trends on the topics.

Portfolio assignments will be evaluated on English and Dutch to increase language proficieny skills.

Classes will commence in October 2015.

Main Points:

Program Management Team

The program is managed by the following board members:

Prof. dr. ing. Valdemar Marcha

drs. Paul van Bladel CISA

Sidney 'Bicho' Justiana MBA

Rebecca de Knegt MSc

Academic Collaboration
This program will be taught in collaboration with George Washington University (US) and Utrecht University (NL). This to ensure international relevancy and scope for the students.


ICUC’s Facilities
ICUC’s main office and education facilities are accommodated in the Martinus Academic Complex in the heart of the city-center of Curaçao. The Martinus building has a vast history with respect to education. It was build by the Sister Franciscaner order and has since then always been a center of education. It includes state of the art facilities for classrooms, offices, training sessions and meetings. It is located at the central Brionplein square in the heart of the old city of Curaçao, overlooking the famous Handelskade. Public transportation is around the corner and there are lots of parking spaces.

Besides the historical setting, ICUC provides the highest digital learning experience. With free campus wide wifi access, a personal virtual learning environment, interactive digiboards, distance learning, online plagiarism checking and digital libraries for research, ICUC makes sure that you are in the e-learning front-seat.

The pricing for the program splits into two parts: the preparation phase and the core phases of the program:

  1. Preparation phase: ANG 4.000,- for the first half year
  2. Core phases: ANG 24.000 for the remainder of the program

Payment can be split into monthly, quarterly or biannually payments.


For a detailed descriptions of the content of the years, semesters and course description, please select one of the majors of your interest:

Major (Ascending)
Policy & Planning
Public Controller

Admission Requirements:

Minimum requirement: a certificate of successfully passing the final examination for a business, economical or public administration oriented  Bachelor degree. An intake interview is part of the admission and selection procedure.

To start your admission procedure please click here to go to our admission page and select the Master in Public Governance program. Submitting an admission is not yet binding, it will just show your interest on which basis we will contact you to start your enrollment. Nothing is final until you signed your admission form.

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